All orders will be in writing accompanied by a cheque of payment according to the conditions of regulation of this quotation.

All commands not provided for our estimate will require a complement of invoice.

All our prices are excluding taxes.

In the absence of a time limit requested by the client having received our endorsement, non-payment of our services to the deadline will result in :
- The immediate payment of all sums due irrespective of the planned regulation mode (treaties accepted or not).
- A notice followed a contentious intervention by judicial means.
- The sums due shall bear interest for an amount equal to three times the legal rate of interest per month of delay and judicial costs incurred will be the responsibility of the customer.


The tenant is responsible for the equipment rented from the delivery to the resumption. It is the responsibility of the lessee to insure the material for the duration of the exhibition.

It must use the equipment leased pursuant to its usual destination and do nothing or let that can damage.

The tenant is responsible for any damage which duly observed him will be charged.

We disclaim all responsibility for the objects you owned after the closure of the exhibition, as well as the client material carried without charge by us.


The furniture and equipment rented being supplied in good condition, any loss, damage, or defects in restitution results in billing « DELTA REFLEX » to the customer at the price of sale at the time of the facts. It is strictly forbidden for the customer to modify the structure of the stand, even partially, paint, carpet or change colours under etc., and also to fix in any way, objects, signs etc. to the structures of the stand. For breach of this prohibition, « DELTA REFLEX » charge them to the normal selling price.


Projects, studies, plans and specifications made at the request of the customer remain our property and may not be reproduced or executed or communicated in any manner whatsoever without our prior written consent. Any copy, even partial, of the works designed by us, without authorization, will result, automatically, in debition of compensation in lump sum, conventional and non-collapsible to 30% of the amount of the quote.


It is expressly provided that only the Paris - France courts are competent to hear disputes which may arise as a result of the execution or non-execution of the present contract.

The contrary clauses contained in the commercial paper of the lessee or purchaser, are deemed not written.


Goods delivered by the company « DELTA REFLEX » will remain its property until full payment of the price by the dealer.

Delivery of treaties or titles creating an obligation to pay does not constitute payment within the meaning of this paragraph.


The transfer of ownership of the goods in favour of the concessionaire will be realized only after complete payment of the price by the latter, and, regardless of the date of delivery. On the other hand, the transfer of risk of loss or deterioration of the vendor's products will be carried out as soon as the delivery and receipt of these products by the dealer.

Damage occurred on the equipment during transportation, the return costs will be charged to the company « DELTA REFLEX » which will passed to its carrier or its supplier, if the damage is found from the beginning of the manufacturing.